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Cat and Clown

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

A clown met a beautiful cat on the street, and fell deeply in love. He made her laugh, made her meals and made her mind up about love. People sneered at him for loving a cat. The clown was more than happy to be laughed at. It's his job.

The cat had a caring husband and five sweet kittens. The clown proposed under the crescent moonlight, and she accepted. Two days later, she went to the city hall, filed for divorce papers, and started life with the clown. Together, the clown and the cat danced in the air. Their show gained quite a reputation, soon they had a large audience. Even the cat's husband and kittens came. They clapped their hands and enjoyed the show. Though, to them, the cat always seemed a little sad. One evening, the cat didn't return from the market. The clown's face turned white and he searched the entire town. He found the cat on a side road, she had been hit by a dump truck. The clown cried out in despair, before huddling at her side to weep.

After this, the clown was not able to dance anymore. The show became boring, nobody came to see it. One day, the cat's ex-husband and her 5 kittens appeared in the empty auditorium. The clown was surprised and his eyes turned red. He started to dance for the 6 cats. The dance was pitiful, but they clapped their hands and enjoyed the show. The dance never got any better and no one else came to watch. One day, the cat's husband stopped coming. Soon, all the kittens became adults, elder brother and elder sister stopped coming too. In the end, only their baby sister was in the audience. The clown never stopped his pitiful dance. People sneered at him for dancing in front of a cat. The clown was more than happy to be laughed at. It's his job.

#poem #ポエム #詩 #takayamasoramaru #バンクーバーの詩人

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