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I’m here!

Let me talk about my Grandpa

He was born in Nagano, Japan

went to war and came back

had 3 children and 7 grandchildren including me

an entrepreneur and a traveler

He traveled many places with his wife

Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka

Seoul, Beijing, Jakarta

Bangkok, Katmandu, Kolkata

Dubai, Nairobi, Greece

Naples, Rome, Florence

Genoa, Milan, Venice

He loved Italy!

London, Paris, Switzerland

Rio de Janeiro, Auckland

Mexico, LA, Portland

And he died in Vancouver

I feel his soul

Hey grandpa!

I’m here!


I’m here!


Oh, I forgot my grandpa is hard of hearing

Could you guys help me?

Please say “I’m here!” with me

He traveled a lot so he can understand any language

When I call out “I’m here!” you guys can say “I’m here!” in your own language!

I’m here!


I’m here!


I’m here!


I’m here!


I’m here!


Hey Grandpa!

How do you feel?


You died in Vancouver, Washington, in the United States?

Oops, I got that wrong!

#poem #ポエム #詩 #takayamasoramaru #バンクーバーの詩人


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